We are a frozen cream & pastry shop that strives
to make our customers happy as they enjoy our
excellent tasting treats


There is a flavor for everyone.

Whether you are a traditionalist or an innovator, a dreamer or a romantic, whether you like to take risks or take it easy, be playful or serious, Nanndi has a frozen cream flavor that will fit right with your personality or simply with your mood. Our frozen creams are original and creative, but most importantly they are bursting with flavor! From the traditional sweet “Vanilla Bean” to the innovative “Salted Pistachio”, from the playful “Guava and Cheese” to the seriously  decadent  “Pure Nutella®”, regardless of your age, Nanndi has a flavor for you. 


Nanndi’s pastries include classic treats as well as new inventive ones, all patiently baked in our kitchen every day. Enjoy them with a cup of tea or a cappuccino, pair them with your favorite frozen cream or take them on the go. Nanndi’s treats are fantastic for breakfast, an afternoon snack or dessert. They are also perfect for parties, gatherings and corporate meetings. Nanndi’s sweet treats are sure to please even the pickiest sweet teeth!

mix & match

We have amazing frozen cream flavors and absolutely delicious tasty treats so the next best thing is to eat them together! Our menu allows our clients to mix and match our treats and frozen creams to create a dessert of their own! Personalization is very important these days and having things your way cannot stop at dessert. Who said that a brownie à la mode can only be served with simple vanilla ice cream?! At Nanndi you can have it with any of our frozen cream flavors! Or how about creating your own frozen cream sandwich? Pick two of our cookies and any frozen cream flavor! FUN!


There is nothing better or more comforting than the memory of our grandma’s pies, the smell of a home cooked meal or the comfort of a good frozen cream when you are feeling blue. At Nanndi we believe that homemade is better than industrially made.  And even if it takes longer and requires a lot of love and patience, there is simply no other way for us. Real ingredients are better for you and they simply make food taste like it should.  Rest assured that at Nanndi everything is homemade, you simply need to show up and you will be able to see us working in the kitchen just for you.

Happiness in every bite.

At Nanndi we strive to make our customers happy.  We believe that a delicious treat with friends or family can make one’s day and that there is nothing more rewarding than the dirty smile of a kid enjoying our frozen cream! We want you to come to our store and feel happy about being there, knowing you can relax and enjoy something made with good ingredients, lots of care and love.  Most importantly though, we want you to leave happy so you come back for more.