We have many flavors to choose from

Our frozen cream flavors go from the traditional to the extraordinary…literally. We like to offer classic flavors and then take some and give them our own twist like with our “Peanut Butter and Jelly” or our “Dark Chocolate with Candied Oranges”. One of our favorite things however, is to please our Miami market and take familiar treats or flavor combinations and turn them into frozen cream flavors like our “María Cookie” Frozen Cream made with the very traditional “María” cookies many Latin Americans have grown up with. Or how about our “Key Lime Pie” or our “Guava and Cheese” flavors?! We also love to take traditional desserts and turn them into frozen cream flavors like our seasonal “Pumpkin Pie with Caramelized Pecans” offered during the fall. Do not worry, we are not forgetting about our frozen cream lovers that like to indulge in dairy free flavors. We also offer different fruit sorbets like “Passion Fruit” and “Mango” as well as other delicious dairy free options.

What makes us different?

Nanndi’s frozen cream is neither gelato nor ice cream even though the look of it is very similar to Italian gelato. Our recipes however are a mix of both and are uniquely crafted for each flavor by our head Chef to provide incomparable textures and amazing mouth feel with the most intense possible flavors. We do not use premade mixes and our main goal is to provide our customers with a fantastic experience that they will never forget and will make them crave for more.


We are only as good as our ingredients.

At Nanndi we believe that real ingredients are not only good but also good for you. There is no reason why something so simple as a frozen dessert should have artificial ingredients.  We believe in using milk, cream, sugar, nuts and fruits and all of our ingredients are of the best possible quality.  We also believe in seasonality and that not every fruit is good all year round, which is why you might not always see the same fruit flavors all the time.  This is how we ensure we give you only the best every time.


We do frozen cream right.

Our methods are traditional and simple, we pick every ingredient and make our own mixes.  Every batch of frozen cream is made daily at our store.  You can actually see us working if you pop in at the right time.  We have nothing to hide!