The name Nanndi was born one night in Angola while talking about our dream of having our own frozen cream and pastry shop.

At some point our love for Africa led us into looking at names in African languages that would mean something related to the business so that we could always remember where it all started. 

Finally we found that in Zulu, the name Nandi (with one N) means “Sweet”.  We loved how it sounded and what it meant, but to give it a more modern look and make it ours we added an “N” to the name and thus “Nanndi” was born.


At Nanndi we strongly believe in putting our customers first and sharing this belief with everyone at the store.  We are very passionate about social responsibility and in becoming actively involved in our community.  We also strongly believe in training our employees and providing an enjoyable working environment where we can all grow together and where creativity and innovation are absolutely encouraged!

We all hope that Nanndi becomes your favorite place to share great times, where you eat absolutely phenomenal frozen cream and pastries and where you can feel a bit happier after you step out our door.


Nanndi was created by Celebrity Chef Sabrina Mancin and Business visionnaire Alain Torres. Their love for frozen desserts, their entrepreneurial spirit and their passion for traveling and discovering new flavors around the world were just some of the things that brought Nanndi’s owners together. Nanndi is thus the result of years of preparation and experience from their part.

Sabrina Mancin is the Head Chef and mad creator of every treat you will taste at the shop.  Her love for frozen cream goes way beyond just liking to eat the product but she is absolutely obsessed with the science behind it. 

Alain Torres is the mind behind this venture (or adventure).  Alain makes sure to bring many of the company’s values to life through his experience in international companies in different parts of the world.